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We Are WeekendCoders!

Welcome to WeekendCoders.org, where we raise Kidpreneurs!

We believe in Creative Coding! Learning how to code can be very boring but creating Minecraft with Code is very Exciting, so we Learn By Creating!

Also, we don't just create anything, we create something of value to our friends, families, community, society and our country at large.

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Let's Dive Right In!

We are WeekendCoders! We are on an exciting journey to unlock the Creativity in our Youths and Kids through building amazing apps, games and more over the weekend.

Real World Skills

We are on an exciting journey to raise over 1M+ Kidpreneurs. So We use the same programming tools used by industry experts to build Real Life Applications that adds value to our community.

Fun and Engaging

We understand that learning how to code can be very boring but Creating Minecraft with code is very exciting. So we Learn by Creating! Creating games and app is very fun and engaging.

Publish and Share

Don’t keep parents in the dark! We keep everybody in the know, by publishing and sharing your kids creative works every weekend. This also allows parents to track their kids progress with ease.

Relax Let Your Kid Pay The Bills

At WeekendCoders, We Learn To Earn!

Sounds great right? Yea, we at WeekEndCoders run an App Development Agency where we create tech solutions for small business owners. We give our kidpreneurs internship opportunities to work with our pro experts and earn some money. 4 Simple steps to becoming a kidpreneur include

  • Technical Training

    Here the kids are equipped with tools and well crafted resources needed to become a kidpreneur. Needless to say he/she MUST have a laptop and Ipad ready to learn.

  • Content Design

    We understand the importance of unplugged activity and how it unlocks kids creativity. So here, kids are equipped with mockup design tools, cardboard’s, pencils and many more.

  • Product Presentation

    Here the kids learn the art of making wonderful presentations to their colleagues on “Why his or her app is invaluable to the society”.

  • Code With Experts

    Hurray! Your kid has just made it to the final stage – Code With Experts (CWE). Wow! So Interesting. He/She can now start Earning while Learning more.

Become a Kidpreneur

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We are passionate about empowering kids and youths with relevant coding, design and animation skills and knowledge needed to build amazing programs, games and apps. Our focus is on creating apps that adds value to our community.

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We Simply Love What We Are Doing And People Love What We Do too

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